Gearbox is a leading technologybrand in the sporting equipment industry. Founded by Rafael Filippini, anexperienced professional racquetball player and 25-year veteran of thecomposites industry, Gearbox was created with a grass-root model and a visionto develop superior technology-based sporting equipment for athletes.

Rafael has worked diligently overthe past 15 years to refine his skills, creating revolutionary technologiesthat embody his dream of creating a world-class sports brand. Gearbox continuesto be synonymous with excellent quality, precision engineering and exceptionalperformance standards as well as providing groundbreaking innovation forathletes worldwide.

The company's commitment toexcellence coupled with their passion for developing innovative products hasgiven them recognition on both national and international levels, allowing themto become a top choice for athletes and sports fans alike. Gearbox continues todemonstrate their dedication to providing the highest quality sportingequipment by combining their technical knowledge with Rafael’s passion forcreating world-class products. For those who are passionate about playingsports and pushing the boundaries of performance, Gearbox has you covered.

They are committed to providingthe best technology, services and resources to all athletes. Gearbox—whereperformance meets passion.

By building on over 25 years ofcomposites experience and a strong grass-root philosophy, Gearbox haspositioned itself as an industry leader in sports equipment and continues todrive innovation in the sporting goods market. With Rafael’s expertise andvision at its core, Gearbox is dedicated to creating groundbreakingtechnologies for athletes worldwide that emphasize excellence, precisionengineering and exceptional performance standards. For those seeking superiorquality sporting equipment created by an athlete for athletes, look no furtherthan Gearbox. The Company's commitment to excellence is evident through theirvast range of products based on innovative technologies designed to meet theneeds of any athlete. Gearbox—where performance meets passion.

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